Current Win Status

January 2016

There have been some huge wins within our organization in the last quarter! NCAA football ended up being slower than expected, but of the games we picked, we hit every single one! Notable wins were Tulsa at +6 (9/6/15), South Florida at +11.5 (9/28/15), and UL Monroe at +11.5 (10/31/15). Unders were Louisville at -12 (11/3/15), and Western Kentucy at -10 (11/27/15). We're extremely proud of this 100% record, and hope this year will provide more wagering opportunities over the course of the season.

NCAA baseball performed well, with the top games being Norfolk St (+9.5), Rutgers (+7) and a monumental upset win by Marquette (+7.5) over dominant LSU.

NHL Hockey resulted in some of the largest payouts we've seen this year, with Arizona paying out almost double at +190, and the Philly Flyers breaking past that up to +205. The Buffalo Sabres' monster 2-puck win against the Islanders on November 1st marked our strongest wager yet, and substantial return at +185.

We're excited about wagering opportunities coming into 2016. Hockey is expected to maintain momentum with solid wins, and the start of Major League Baseball in April should have huge opportunities to dominate the boards. We're also excited to present the new One-Time VIP wager option; this VIP ticket gives you exclusive access to the next upcoming high profile game we plan to wager on, with potential for monumental victories.

With hockey's recent numbers and MLB coming up soon, we're excited to push our win percentages even higher than they were last year. Stay connected for more wagering opportunities that will blow you away!